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Our 2 berth camper Sunny is not only stylish, but also designed for both convenience & comfort.The large seating area with panoramic views converts to two single beds or one large queen bed at night. Equipped with all the essential amenities including heating, a fridge, toilet, shower, gas stove, aircon and even a microwave. The manual transmission ensures you have full control over your driving experience. Daily Rates start at $70/day (subject to seasonality).

Campervan Details

Our 2 berth camper Sunny is not only stylish, but also designed for both convenience and comfort, ensuring your journey is filled with unforgettable moments.

Inside, you’ll find a large seating area that converts to two single beds or one large queen bed at night, providing ample sleeping space for you and your fellow traveler.

Sunny is equipped with all the essential amenities for a cozy trip, including heating, a fridge, a toilet, a shower, a gas stove, a sink, airconditioning and rear and even a microwave (note aircon and microwave only work when connected to power at a campsite). The manual transmission ensures you have full control over your driving experience.

With the added convenience of a full bathroom, water and grey water tank, as well as solar panels, Sunny is perfectly suited for freedom camping, allowing you to explore off-the-beaten-path destinations with ease.


2 comfy seats in the cabin, powerful engine, air conditioning in the driving cabin. The manual transmission ensures you have full control over your driving experience and the camper can be driven on a car license.

Vehicle Dimensions: 

Height 2.7m – Interior Height 1.83m – Length 5.9m – Width 2m


A large living area where you can comfortably lounge around. Open up the rear windows and soak up the views. The TV with USB and DVD player and satellite dish provides entertainment on a rainy day. With a powerful heater, Sunny let’s you explore NZ even in the coldest winter without getting cold, while the aircon in the back keeps you cool in summer. Solar panels and gas ensure that you can charge your phones, heat the camper and cook meals even when freedom camping.


At night time the dining area converts into a large bed or leave them as two single beds:

1 Double Bed is 2m x 1.7m

Single Bed on passenger side is 2m x 0.65m, single bed on driver side is 1.8 x 0.8m.


Sink, 3 Burner Gas Hob, 90l fridge with freezer, fully kitted out with everything you need and plenty of storage for your food.


Shower with instant hot water, proper toilet, lots of storage for all the toiletries.


Two storage areas under the bench seats accessible from the inside and the outside.


Fold down outdoor table and outdoor chairs, bike rack for 2 bikes can be provided upon request (no Ebikes!) and pull out awning are just a few of the awesome features of Sunny.

All you need to bring are your clothes and some groceries and you are ready for your next adventure.

Pickup & Drop Off in Beachlands/East Auckland – approx 40min from the airport or we can arrange a Shuttle Service from/to the airport for $110 each way (payable directly to the shuttle service).

Quick Drop Off Option:

In a rush to get going? Choose the “Quick Drop Off Option” and we will take care of emptying the grey water & cassette and the cleaning for you.

PS: Please note that some of the photos show Sunny before it got a paint job. Sunny is now looking extra shiny in its new dark grey colour. 

Additional Information


Ford Transit


Aircon, Manual


Awning, Outdoor Furniture


Aircon, Boom Box, Cutlery and plates, Fridge & Freezer, Heating, Microwave, Solar panels, Stovetop Espresso


Aircon, DVD Player, Satellite Dish, TV


Fire blanket, Fire extinguisher, Gps tracker, Smoke detector


Check Rates & Availability

We do have a general minimum booking duration of 3 days. However, during peak season between 1 December and 28 February the minimum booking period is 14 Days. Shorter booking requests might be considered if they fall between other longer existing bookings.

All rates are in New Zealand Dollar.

The below quotation is database generated and includes long term hire discounts of 5% for bookings exceeding 20 days, 10% for bookings exceeding 40 days and 20% for bookings exceeding 90 days.

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Please Pick a Date

Basic Insurance - $7500 Excess

Premium Insurance - $1000 excess($30,00)

Service Fee($200,00)

Wifi per day($10,00)

1 Car Seat up to 4 years($25,00)

1 Car Seat up to 4 years($25,00)

1 Booster Seat from 5 years($15,00)

1 Booster Seat from 5 years($15,00)

Portable BBQ($70,00)


Quick Drop Off($250,00)

    Roadside Assistance

    Simple insurance options

    comprehensive training videos

    free additional drivers

    Booking Notes


    Payments & Cancellations

    Frequently Asked questions

    We understand that time is often limited and you want to see as much as possible. While our rates reflect Pick up and Drop Off in Auckland, we do accomodate One Way Hires to Wellington, Nelson and Christchurch on a case by case basis. Please contact us with your desired travel dates and we will provide you with a quote for a One Way Hire. 

    Absolutely. All of our campers are certified to be self contained.

    • Our campervans are equipped with solar panels, harnessing the power of the sun to charge the leisure battery during the day. This means you have a continuous supply of electricity to run your appliances, lights, and heating system even when you’re away from traditional power sources. 
    • Self-Sufficient Water Systems: We understand the importance of having access to fresh water and managing waste responsibly while freedom camping. That’s why our campervans are equipped with fresh water and grey water tanks. You can enjoy the convenience of a built-in sink, tap, and shower, knowing that your water needs are met and waste is contained. Our separate toilet and shower facilities ensure privacy and hygiene, allowing you to fully embrace the freedom camping experience.
    • Gas Bottles: All of our campers come with a full gas bottle, that allows you to cook independently, heat the water and heat the campervan while out in nature.

    There is no limit on how many days you can freedom camp. As the campervans charge their battery during the day, you will have power permanently. You will need to empty the grey water and toilet every couple of days and top up the fresh water as well as the gas.

    New Zealand has public dumping stations all over the country. These are free and open 24/7. The free Campermate App shows you the locations of dumping stations. Dumping Stations usually have fresh water as well, but note that most of the time this is not suitable for drinking and should only be used for washing.

    That absolutely depends on the number of people travelling with you and your habits. With 4 people showering and doing the dishes twice a day, and using the toilet, the water and toilet lasts about 2 days. With 2 people and only mini showers you might be able to stretch the water to 4 days. 

    The gas lasts usually for at least a week if you are heating a lot, much longer if you don’t use much heating.

    The free Campermate App has a range of Freedom Camping Sites. You can also search on Google Maps by zooming in on the area that you are looking and type in “freedom camping”. This will often bring up additional freedom camping spots.

    All of our campervans come equipped with a power lead that let’s you plug in at a campsite.

    While freedom camping you can use all of the appliances, USB ports and any 12v equipment. The 240v power points only work when connected to power at a campsite.

    All of our campervans have an outdoor table and camping chairs.

    Yes. The security bond depends on your chosen insurance package and the respective excess. If you have the basic insurance, your excess is $7500, if you have the premium insurance, then the excess is $1000.

    Unfortunately pre-authorisation only lasts for 30 days, so for trip less than 30 days, we pre-authorise your credit card and only charge the bond if you have an accident or damage. For trips longer than 30 days we do require the bond to be paid in cash or credit card and this will be refunded at the end of your trip.

    Rental charges for rental campervans, motorhomes & recreational vehicles are calculated per calendar day, regardless of the actual pick-up time. Charges for rental cars are based on a 24-hour period.

    Our prices include:

    • Unlimited Kilometres
    • Additional drivers
    • On-road assistance
    • Bedding – duvets, duvet covers, pillow, pillow cover, sheets, towels 
    • Kitchen and cooking utensils (incl. pots, frying pan, bowls, cooking utensils, dishes, crockery, coffee plunger, stove top Espresso can, cleaning equipment, tea towels)
    • Full LPG gas bottle (to be returned full)
    • Camping table and chairs for the number of travellers
    • Toll Roads
    • Goods and Services tax (GST)

    No, the campervans do not have Wifi, however we offer the Wifi as an add on with unlimited data for $10/ day.

    Get unlimited wireless internet on the road with an onboard router. Wifi is a better solution than a mobile data plan for most users because

    • It typically has better coverage than mobile phone networks which mostly have good coverage in populated areas but can be limited elsewhere.
    • You can connect multiple devices and, with a range of about 20 metres, you can be online inside or outside your motorhome.
    • It usually works out significantly cheaper
    • Subject to coverage and fair us

    All listed drivers must be at least 25 years old and have had a valid full license for at least 12 months. Your driver’s license must allow vehicles up to a GVM of 3.5t. You will be asked to present you driver’s license at vehicle collection.

    If your overseas driver license or permit isn’t in English, you must provide an accurate English translation when you are driving. The translation must be provided by:

    • A translation service approved by the NZ Transport Agency)
    • A diplomatic representative at a high commission, embassy or consulate, or the authority that issued your overseas license.
    • An International Driving Permit (issued in accordance with a United Nations Convention on Road Traffic) is acceptable as a translation.


    The standard minimum hire period is 3 days, however we prefer longer bookings therefore the quoted booking rates for bookings under 7 days include a short term rental surcharge. During peak season between 1 December and 28 February the minimum booking period is 14 Days. Shorter booking requests might be considered if they fall between other longer existing bookings. If you wish to book for a shorter period during those months, please contact us firtst.

    New Zealand law stipulates that all children under seven years of age must use an approved child restraint appropriate for their age and size.

    We have child seats and booster seats available. Our campers Carly, Bobby and Harry have ISOFIX. 

    Don’t worry, we have very comprehensive training videos that make you a Campervan Pro in no time. They cover everything from using the fridge, heating, emptying the grey water, using the cassette etc. Check them out here: Training Videos

    If you have NOT selected the “Quick Drop Off” Option, we expect the following has been done before returning the camper:

    • Empty the grey water.
    • Empty the toilet cassette.
    • Fill up fresh water.
    • Clean the camper inside including hob, oven, fridge, toilet, shower ( We do not expect you to wash the sheets or clean the outside).
    • Fill up the tank.
    • Fill up the gas bottle.
    • Empty the fridge and all groceries.
    • Empty the rubbish.
    • Do the dishes.

    Should you have selected the “Quick Drop Off” Option, we expect the following has been done before returning the camper:

    • Fill up the tank.
    • Fill up the gas bottle.
    • Empty the fridge and all groceries.
    • Empty the rubbish.

    Yes, you are welcome to leave your car parked outside of our property on the road. If you prefer secure parking, we do have a carpark available at a close by storage facility for $10 a day.

    We do not offer delivery of the campervans to the airport as it is very hard to do the training and handover there. We have an arrangement with a local shuttle service to transport our guests to and from the airport for $110 each way, payable directly to the shuttle. Hotel transfers can be quoted on request. We are happy to arrange the transport for you. 

    Yes, you will have roadside assistance through AA. 

    If the Campervan breaks down, or has a mechanical problem that cannot be mobilised at scene, the AA will tow the campervan to the nearest place of safety or repair, where arrangements for its repair can be made or where it can be safely stored. Breakdown service does not cover any breakdown cost due to incorrect fuel, lost keys or if you have locked yourself out of the vehicle.

    Yes, all raised beds have a safety net to prevent your little ones falling out.

    Anyone using New Zealand’s roads contributes towards their upkeep. Most road users pay levies when they buy fuel. Others, such as drivers of light diesel vehicles and heavy vehicles like trucks, pay through road user charges (RUC). Road User Charges will be calculated based on the kilometers that you have travelled. During the handover we take note of the odometer at the start of your trip and then calculate the distance travelled when you return the campervan. Road User Charges are charged at $9/100km travelled and can be paid in cash or via credit card at the end of your trip. 

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