Which campervan is the right one for your New Zealand trip?

For families with a small Baby

For families with a baby or infant we recommend our campervan Nelly, as Nelly has a low bed right by the kitchen, which means bubs can have some tummy time or roll around and still be within reach while you are cooking or hanging out in the dining area (don’t forget to put a few pillows or a breastfeeding pillow in the front to prevent rolling down).

For families with 1 or 2 children

For families with 1 or 2 kids we recommend our campervan Sammy as it has two equal sized bunk beds in the back and two seating areas. We usually leave one of the seating area into a sofa to hang out during the day and still have space to sit and eat as a family

Wohnmobil Neuseeland Mieten

For families with 3 or 4 children

Für Familien mit 3 oder 4 Kindern empfehlen wir our campervans Carly oder Harry as they have a large bed above the driver cabin that can easily sleep 3 smaller kids or two teenagers, the rear top bed is a small double bed for the parents and a large single bed underneath for another child or even two smaller children. So with 5 – 6 people you won’t have to make up any beds in the evening and still have a space to sit while the kiddies (hopefully) sleep.

If you need lots of space

Für Familien mit Kinderwagen oder anderen grossen Gegenständen wie z.B. ein Paddelboot, empfehlen wir our campervan Bobby, as Bobby has a large storage area under the rear bed while still featuring two large fixed double beds and the dinette area can be converted into another small double bed if needed.

Sunny 2 Berth Campervan Auckland Campervan Rental | Camper Miete Neuseeland

For budget conscious couples

For couples are budget conscious we recommend our campervans Sunny or Billy. With big panorama windows all around, both are perfect to snuggle up. The bathroom with a fixed toilet still provides some convenience and allows freedom camping and Billy features a second seating area in the front if you prefer to leave the bed made up. If you have a bigger budget and want to travel in style, then Nelly is perfect for you. 

For a group of friends

For a group of friends travelling together we recommend our campervans Carly oder Harry, as they have 3 beds in different sizes, so allow everyone to have their own bed.

Wohnmobil Mieten Neuseeland | Camper Miete Neuseeland

For 2 Couples

For 2 couples travelling together, our campers Nelly oder Bobby are the perfect choice with two big double beds plus seating area to sit together. The bathroom with a fixed toilet still provides some convenience and allows freedom camping. If you have a slightly bigger budget and want to travel in style, then Nelly is perfect for you.

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