Napier Campervan Holiday Guide

Embarking on a motorhome holiday to Napier with Camper4Hire promises a captivating journey filled with cultural richness and scenic wonders. Discover the allure of this charming destination as we guide you through the must-see attractions, hidden gems, and provide additional tips on what to do during your unforgettable motorhome adventure.


What to Do

1. **Soak in the Art Deco Splendor:**
Napier is renowned for its Art Deco architecture, a visual feast that transports you back in time. Explore the city’s streets adorned with elegant facades, and consider joining a guided Art Deco tour to delve deeper into the history and stories behind these iconic structures. If you can time it right, then the Annual Art Deco Festival in Napier is the event of the year. 

2. **Vineyard Delights:**
A motorhome journey in Napier wouldn’t be complete without indulging in the region’s renowned wineries. Park your Camper4Hire motorhome at one of the picturesque vineyards, savoring world-class wines surrounded by the breathtaking landscapes of Hawke’s Bay. Consider scheduling a wine tour to explore multiple vineyards and sample a variety of exceptional wines. Our Top 3 Vineyards in the Hawkes Bay:

–> Mission Estate Winery: Mission Estate holds a special place in New Zealand’s winemaking history as one of the oldest wineries, dating back to 1851. Located in Taradale, a suburb of Napier, Mission Estate is celebrated for its historic charm, stunning grounds, and a diverse range of award-winning wines. The beautifully preserved seminary building adds a unique touch to the wine-tasting experience.

–> Te Mata Estate: Te Mata Estate is one of New Zealand’s oldest wineries, with a history dating back to 1896. Their vineyards, located in the Havelock Hills, produce a range of exceptional wines, including the renowned Coleraine, an iconic Bordeaux-style red blend.

–> Elephant Hill Winery: Elephant Hill, situated in Te Awanga, just south of Napier, is known for its state-of-the-art winery and vineyards with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. They specialize in producing premium, handcrafted wines, and their restaurant offers a stunning dining experience.


3. **Coastal Retreats:**
Napier boasts stunning coastal landscapes that beckon exploration. With your Camper4Hire motorhome, venture to the nearby beaches and seaside promenades. Te Awanga and Haumoana offer serene coastal escapes, perfect for a relaxing day by the water or a leisurely seaside stroll.

4. **Local Culinary Treasures:**
Dive into Napier’s vibrant food scene, where local flavors take center stage. With your fully-equipped Camper4Hire kitchen, explore farmers’ markets, such as the Hawke’s Bay Farmers’ Market, and local eateries. Indulge in fresh produce, artisanal goods, and unique culinary experiences that showcase the region’s gastronomic delights.

5. **Cultural Extravaganza:**
Napier is a cultural hub with museums, galleries, and theaters waiting to be explored. Park your Camper4Hire motorhome and immerse yourself in the arts, history, and local performances that showcase the city’s rich cultural tapestry. The MTG Hawke’s Bay Museum and Art Gallery is a must-visit for a deeper understanding of the region’s heritage.

6. **Scenic Drives and Freedom Camping:**
Napier and its surroundings boast picturesque landscapes, best experienced through scenic drives. With Camper4Hire’s freedom camping options, you have the flexibility to choose your overnight stays, allowing you to wake up to stunning views at your leisure. Consider the journey to Cape Kidnappers for dramatic coastal views and the chance to see the world’s largest mainland gannet colony.

7. **Bike Rides:**
Napier boasts some awesome bike trails, so consider hiring a bike and pedal along the coastline for example to the Crab Farm Winery for lunch and soak in the picturesque countryside. The Crab Farm Winery offers a delightful setting to unwind, enjoy wine tasting, and indulge in a gourmet meal, all while surrounded by vineyard landscapes.

8. **Explore the Hawke’s Bay Trails:**
Take advantage of Napier’s bike-friendly environment by exploring the Hawke’s Bay Trails. These well-maintained cycling paths wind through vineyards, orchards, and coastal areas. Enjoy a leisurely ride, discovering the beauty of the region’s diverse landscapes while making memories on two wheels.

9. **Sunrise at Te Mata Peak:**
Don’t miss the chance to witness the sunrise from Te Mata Peak. With your Camper4Hire motorhome, you can conveniently reach this iconic viewpoint, capturing breathtaking panoramas of Hawke’s Bay unfolding before your eyes. Bring along a picnic breakfast for a memorable start to your day.

Where to Stay

Explore freedom camping spots such as Clifton Beach Reserve and Tangoio Falls Scenic Reserve, providing tranquil settings for a night under the stars.

For those seeking additional amenities and services, consider staying at commercial campgrounds like the Napier Beach TOP 10 Holiday Park or Kennedy Park. These sites offer facilities such as powered sites, hot showers, communal kitchens, and social spaces. It’s an ideal option for a comfortable and well-equipped stopover during your motorhome adventure in Napier.


Embark on an unparalleled motorhome holiday to Napier with Camper4Hire, where every moment is an opportunity to explore, indulge, and savor the unique charm of this destination. From Art Deco wonders to coastal retreats, cultural excursions, and biking adventures, Napier welcomes you with open arms, and Camper4Hire ensures your journey is one of comfort, flexibility, and unforgettable experiences on the open road.

Create Memories of a Lifetime in one of our campervans available for hire from Auckland/New Zealand. Book your adventure with Camper4Hire here.

Your Camper4Hire Team

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